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Dive Tech Training Centre is a Five Star Training Facility.

Scuba Diving InternationalSCUBA DIVING INTERNATIONAL was created in 1999 and grew out of the success of TDI, which specializes in the more advanced disciplines of dive training. Both students and instructors have embraced the no nonsense approach that the SDI training system offers.

We have streamlined the course materials to let students study the essential academics with a renewed emphasis on practical diving skills learned in both the pool and open water environments.


Technical Diving InternationalTECHNICAL DIVING INTERNATIONAL was formed in 1994 by some of diving’s most experienced instructors to bring technical applications of the sport to a wider audience. TDI’s library of training materials and texts have become known as the industry’s best and most professional resources. Most importantly, TDI has the best safety record of all training agencies.

Whether your interests lie in nitrox, rebreathers, mixed gas or any of the many other programs that TDI offers you can be assured that you will be participating in training that offers you the "cutting edge" of diving technology.


PDIC International has a long history of training recreational SCUBA divers. With instructors and training facilities located worldwide, PDIC implements a system of training that is a result of over thirty years of experience. A SCUBA diver carrying the PDIC C-Card is recognized throughout the world as a quality-trained, safe diver.



Advanced Diving & ExpeditionsIf your interested in diving on the Empress of Ireland, Gunilda, Judge Hart, etc., Tyler Bradford of Advanced Diving & Expeditions is your man.

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