Newspaper Picture of "J.B. King"J.B. King

The King was a 140 ft wooden drill barge and was engaged in drilling and blasting to deepen the "Narrows" to 27 ft when disaster struck. Victim of explosion, as was the American, the King was struck by lightening, and boom! Generally speaking, it's a bad idea to be on a golf course during a thunderstorm. It's a really bad idea to be on a blasting boat full of dynamite during a thunderstorm. The King had 11 of 12 holes finished (each 6" in diameter) and 1,500 pounds of dynamite loaded into them. Everett Snider was using the small tender to run anchor lines to anchors or islands to secure the King in position for drilling.

He was instructed by the supervisor to wait until the rain quit before running a line to the island, so he went on board the King for a coffee. He next remembers regaining consciousness underwater and struggling to the surface. U.S. Succor (CG 211)Revenue Cutter "Succor" (CG 211) was patrolling nearby. Hearing the explosion they raced to the scene and recovered 10 of the 11 that survived the blast, out of the 43 that had been on board.