Dive Tech Training Centre has a selection of Drysuits from DUI, Scubapro and Bare.

Stop in to get measured up for a new drysuit from top manufacturers in North America and the UK.

We carry the best selection of the drysuit accessories from DUI, Halcyon, OMS, and Light Monkey. From P-valves to Pockets we have all of the acoutrements you need for your diving enjoyment. In addition, we stock Fourth Element and Weezle drysuit underwear to keep you warm and comfortable on any dive.

  • Drysuit Sales & Service  - Bare, Scubapro and DUI Drysuits are available to view and purchase. Drysuit leak-test servicing is always available.
  • Drysuit Repairs  - At Dive Tech Training Centre we can perform basic drysuit repairs.
  • Anything beyond our capabilities is sent to our Manufacturers.

    Parts and Accessories
    Prices subject to change. Please call to confirm quotes
    Drysuit Seals (Installed)
    Install DUI Bellowed pocket $160.00
    HD Latex neck seal replacement $110.00
    Install DUI warm neck collar $105.00
    Neoprene neck seal replacement $140.00
    Install suspenders $75.00
    Neoprene wrist seals
    $80.00 each or $140.00 pair
    Install Crotch Strap Pad $160.00
    Install neoprene wrist seals
    $85.00 each or $160.00 pair
    Install CF 200 knee pads $ 120.00
    HD Latex Wrist seal replacement
    $55.00 each or $110.00 pair
    Install Kevlar knee pads $145.00
    Latex specialty wrist seal replacement
    DUI, Bare Wrist seals $65.00 each or $110.00 pair
    Install Balanced P-Valve  $160.00
    Install Halcyon Balanced P-Valve $250.00
    Viking Wrist Seals $70.00 each or $120.00 pair
    Install P-Valve Quick-Disconnect $25.00
    Latex hood seal replacement $125.00
    Install Dry Gloves (Labor only) $35.00
    Finish tape if required $7.50/ft
    Supply and install New Dry gloves $200.00
    Aqua Seal Seams $7.50/ft
    Replacement Gloves ( Gloves Only)
    Superlite 17 yoke $440.00
    Diving Concepts or Viking $40.00
    Aqua Seal seams $7.50/ft
    PVC ( Blue or Black) $30.00
    Extra Service Charges
    Dryglove replacement Parts (Qoute)
    Service dry suit valves $35.00
    Drysuit Zippers
    Pressure test suit $35.00
    Replace BDM zipper rear entry $305.00
    Adjust Neoprene seal $35.00
    Replace BDM front entry zipper $410.00
    Min charge $45.00/hr
    (Minor repairs, cleaning or
    removing excessive glue)
    Drysuit Valves
    BDM Rear Entry Zipper $305.00
    Alterations to be qouted per suit ( we can do all major alterations!)
    BDM Front Entry Zipper $410.00
    BDM Relief Zipper $265.00
    Northern Diver DrysuitsWeezle Underwear
    Install Drysuit Exhaust Valve $110.00
    Install Drysuit Cuff Dump $95.00
    Drysuit Boots
    Install Bare 4mm NeopreneSoftsock
    Install  DUI Crushed neoprene Softsock $300.00
    Install Neoprene Drysuit Boot
    Install DUI Turbo Soles $350.00