Newspaper Picture of "Henry C. Daryaw" Henry C. Daryaw

Henry C. Daryaw
We are pleased that the Daryaw chose the 1000 Islands as its final resting place after a long journey from France. The Daryaw is an impressive ship, with large twin props that always thrill divers! It is especially pleasant to swim along the cargo hold deck to enjoy the lee protection from the current. The bow area has a number of interesting features that should not be missed. There is ample opportunity for penetration inside the ship, but it is stressed that only properly trained divers should consider any wreck penetration.


Recorder and Times
Nov. 21, 1941

Collier Henry C. Daryaw Founders Near Brockville


Robert Groleau, Montebello, Que., Only Crew Member Missing


When Engine Reversed, Ship Moved Off Shoal and Sank.
Bound from Sodus, N.Y., to Dalhousie, N.B., to enter the Atlantic coastal trade, the collier Henry C. Daryaw struck a shoal and sank almost immediately six miles west of Brockville about 5:30 o'clock this morning at a point near the five-mile lighthouse.

Robert Groleau, aged 29, of Montebello, Que., a fireman aboard the boat, was believed drowned and operations were commenced by provincial and R.C.M.P. police to recover the body. A heavy fog blanketed the river at a point where river traffic changes from the American to the Canadian channel and was too close to change course. It crashed head-on into the shoal, which is about 100 yards off the Canadian shore. The engines were reversed and when the boat eased off the rock, it listed and sank stern first almost immediately. About six feet of the bow are protruding above the water.

Some of the crew jumped from the ship onto the shoal and others into the icy water. One lifeboat was salvaged from the collier and with this six men at a time were rowed ashore. When all were ashore they made their way to No. 2 highway and hitchhiked to Brockville where circumstances of the wreck were related to the police while the men dried their clothing and warmed themselves. The captain of the boat, Hyacinth Latraverse, of Montreal, would not discuss the incident. He had been master of the boat only two weeks. Jean Gautier, of Montebello, half-brother of the man believed drowned, said Groleau was a fireman on board the collier and possibly struck his head and was rendered unconscious in the impact when the boat hit the shoal. He was not seen by the other crew members later. Groleau's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Groleau, live in Montebello.

Provincial Constable Ward Kennedy and R.C.M.P. Constable Ralph Edge were called in to investigate and commenced operations Artist Renderingimmediately in an effort to recover the body. There were 19 men aboard the boat, among them H. Daryaw, son of the owner, who is a craneman. The other crew members in addition to the captain included: Seraphino Traversy, second mate, Pierreville, Que.; Louis Labbe, Leclaireville; Arthur Traversy.