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 Dive Tech Training Centre affiliates itself with a select few Charter operators that help us out or do things that we don't.

For Dive Charters in and around the 1000 Islands region we recommend Under Where? Dive Charters, Thousand Island Pleasure Diving and Bottom Time Diving


Monday Evening 1 tank dive or drift dive in Brockville Narrows.,Bring your lift bag and enjoy. Departs 6:00 pm from St. Lawrence Park, Brockville.
Tuesday Evening 1 tank dive on the Robert Gaskin and / or drift off Gaskin.  Perfect time to practice your skills and enjoy a nice easy wreck / drift dive. Departs 6:00 pm from St. Lawrence Park, Brockville.
Wednesday Evening Technical / Advanced dive in the Narrows.  Single dive up to 75 minutes in the water.  Usually drift but occasionally we do the JB King as well.  Compass, light and lift bag are necessities for these dives. Departs 6:00 pm from St. Lawrence Park, Brockville.
Thursday Evening Explorer Dive. 1 tank dive somewhere around the Brockville area.  Caome and see what we can find. Always a decent bottle found, but we're looking for something bigger.  Bring your goodie bag for this dive. Departs 6:00 pm from St. Lawrence Park, Brockville.


Under Where? Dive Charters
Dive some of the world's best fresh water dive sites in the heart of the famous 1000 Islands and historic St. Lawrence River.
Located where Eastern Ontario and Upper State New York share one of the most picturesque landscapes, divers find a blend of modern to century old and older shipwrecks.

Dives range from beginner recreational to advanced technical.  Water temperatures reach the mid 70's in the summer months, allowing for comfortable wetsuit diving.

Arguably, the area offers the best fresh water diving in the world. In the Upper St. Lawrence River you will experience the thrill of drift and wall dives, explore and penetrate historical wrecks with visibility that you have to see to believe. There are dives for every level of experience with the comfort of no thermo-clines all the way down to 200 ft. plus.

Located at St. Lawrence Park in Brockville, Ontario
Email: diveunderwhere@hotmail.com
Phone: 613-349-7343



Tuesday Cheap Night 1 tank dive or drift dive in Rockport area, decided upon at time of departure. Departs 6:00 pm from Caiger's, No reservations needed.
Wednesday Explorer Dive Dive in a location we haven't dove before and see what you can find. Departs 6:00 pm from Caiger's, No reservations needed.
Thursday Newbie Dive 1 tank dive on Club Island, 60ft depth to practice your skills. Departs 6:00 pm from Caiger's, No reservations needed.
Saturday Night Dive on the Kinghorn Departs 8:00 pm from Caiger's Resort, No reservations needed.
(Also available any night of the week if reserved in advance; min. 4 divers)


 Thousand Island Pleasure Diving
At Thousand Island Pleasure Diving we pride ourselves on service. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for you, the customer, to have a day of diving enjoyment. Our crew is fully trained in First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Administration.

Our boats are equipped with all safety equipment and oxygen as required by law. Both boats have an enclosed cabin and head. Having two boats allows flexibility so that we can better serve you with customized dive packages. We offer dive sites to meet all levels of certification from junior open water to advanced trimix. All dive sites are within a short boat ride. Featuring spectacular visibility and no thermoclines, as well as mid-summer temperatures in the 70's. To say the least, the St. Lawrence River offers some of best fresh water scuba diving in the world.

Located at 853 Thousand Island Parkway, Rockport, Ontario
Email: info@islanddiver.ca
Phone : 866-659-2334
Website: www.islanddiver.ca


 Bottom Time Diving
Bottom Time Diving specializes in customized dive charters in the region - for technical, recreational as well as Rebreather divers and underwater photographers. We grew up in the area and have been diving here for years.

We frequent a number of local wreck sites, including the Eastcliffe Hall, Robert Gaskin, the Rothesay, the Conestoga, Milles Roche Powerhouse , Roy Jodrey, and many more locations.

The St. Lawrence River, 1000 Islands Region and Eastern Lake Ontario are some of the best freshwater wreck diving locations in the world. The unique geology, abundance of historic shipwrecks, warm temperate waters, make this a perfect dive destination.


Located in Iroquois, Ontario
Email: andy@bottomtimediving.com
Website: www.bottomtimediving.com